Below are the summary charts from the ratings you have gave us after the 2016 Festival. Click here to see further detailed comments.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to feedback - and remember to leave feedback again in 2017. We are always interested in what you say about us and try and improve each year.

Organiser's Note: We would not normally comment on the results of the survey, but we feel a word of explanation is required about the people who would not recommend the Festival to a friend. The reasons given are not to do with the organisation, the walks, the leaders etc but the fact that the Festival is held around St David's Day - February/March. The reason we do this is because we wish to attract people here when accommodation and eateries normally have very few visitors. From Easter until October the town is very busy with visitors. So, if you are not willing to risk adverse weather, then this is not the Festival for you!