Grading guide

  • Taking part in a walk for which you do not have the required level of fitness and stamina puts you and the whole group at risk.

  • Inevitably, there is a subjective element in arriving at a grading, so descriptions can only be approximate.

  • Weather conditions can make a walk seem like a grade higher than described.

These walks require fitness and stamina to cope with several steep climbs on the open hills and will cover a long distance at a steady pace and last all day.

Unless you regularly participate in walks over 12 and up to 20 miles, lasting all day, with a number of steep climbs and descents, you will find these walks too difficult.Think carefully before you sign up for one of these, please!

Three boot walks will generally involve two or more steep climbs on the open hills and will cover a moderate distance as a steady pace. These walk will take up to a day.

Although distances and climbs will be less than a 4 boot walk, you will still need to have done this type of walk before.

Two boot walks are unlikely to involve a steep climb, but if they do it will be taken at a gentle pace. It may involve unmade footpaths and are generally around half a day.

Most reasonably fit people should be able to cope with this level of walk. But do expect to go up and down and to have to walk over rough, maybe boggy or muddy ground.

These walks will be at a low level and will be taken at a gentle pace and mainly on footpaths in the valley areas - eg river and canalside.Never more than half a day.

We aim to keep these walks on recognised footpaths and to have no major climbs or descents. So anyone should be able to participate.